Part-Time Franchise Opportunities

Considering starting your own business, but not sure you can commit full time?

A part-time franchise opportunity in the $300 billion print and promotional products industry might be the right path for you. Proforma offers many benefits including:

Recession-Proof Business

Whether the economy is up or down, businesses always have a need for promotional products.

Sell Anywhere

Unlike other franchise concepts, you can sell anywhere with no restrictions on areas; the sky is the limit.

No Equipment or Inventory

No investment in equipment or inventory means you’re free to grow and focus on accelerating cash flow.


Work part-time or full-time; it’s your business to grow.

Low Investment & High Profits

Becoming a promotional products Franchise Affiliate with Proforma only requires a $500 initial investment.

Success on Your Terms

At Proforma, we recognize that for a lot of people the path to business ownership may look different. Our Franchise Affiliate Program was developed with this flexibility in mind. Whether you are ready to hit the ground running in a new business venture or want to begin a new business and career at a more gradual pace, Proforma makes it easy. We understand you may have other employment, family obligations, or just know that part-time is what works best for you. This is a low-risk opportunity since there is a low initial investment and no equipment or inventory required. Unlike other franchise opportunities, Proforma does not have territory restrictions so you can leverage sales of print and promotional products to your network wherever they might be.

Franchise ownership is offered to those who reach annual sales of $1 million, and how you get to that point is up to you. We empower you to build your own business and create your own success story. If a part-time franchise opportunity sounds like the right path for you, contact us and take your first steps toward this unique opportunity in print and promotional franchising.