The Opportunity

“Our mission is to help our Franchise Owners’ dreams come true. We want to maximize their sales, profits, security, and free time for what matters most in their lives.”

Growing Industry, Flexible Opportunity

In keeping with this mission, we made the Proforma Franchise Affiliate Program an opportunity to explore a potential career in print and promotional products at a pace that works for you. Our plan allows entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to hit the ground running with a low-risk, low-investment, high-profit opportunity that can be done full-time, part-time , or as a side hustle, depending on your goals.

The Franchise Affiliate Program Journey

Your journey with our Franchise Affiliate Program starts with a friendly and informative conversation. We want to learn more about you and your goals, provide you with all the information about the opportunity, and see if the program is mutually a good fit. If we both find it appropriate to move forward, we will invite you to attend a two-part Discovery Process.

The Discovery Process

The first part will occur virtually to familiarize yourself with our support system and resources. If this session proceeds smoothly, you will then meet virtually or in person with a local Franchise Owner.

Once you have the information you need to make an informed decision, you will be ready to start your journey to building your own print and promotional products business.

Building Your Business

Once you have advanced to this stage of the program, we want to clear the way for you to grow your business at your pace. Entrance into the Franchise Affiliate Program only requires a low initial investment of $500. We free up your bandwidth by eliminating any requirements for carrying inventory, purchasing heavy equipment, or working in an office on a full-time schedule. Our business is relationship-driven and there is no need for territorial restrictions; you work from anywhere and sell to anyone, putting the whole country at your fingertips.

What Else Can You Expect?


You’ll have the support of a successful Franchise Owner to guide and mentor you every step of the way.


You’ll be backed by robust technology, a vast network of supplier connections, and sales and marketing resources.


Our onboarding program creates a smooth transition into franchise ownership.


When your sales figures reach $1 million annually, you will become a candidate for your own franchise.

Whether you are pursuing a new, full-time venture or are looking for an engaging part-time business project, our ideal candidates are eager to learn and grow with a leader in this dynamic and lucrative industry. We remove the hurdles so that you can focus on maximizing your sales. We set our $1 million annual sales target because we believe that with our support and your drive, you can be among our growing family of happy and successful Franchise Owners. Your future is only a few clicks away.