Promotional Products Franchise

Print and promotional products are an enormous industry with tremendous growth opportunity for motivated individuals looking to start and grow their own business on their own terms. If you’re considering starting your own promotional products business, you should consider a promotional products franchise. At Proforma, we are a $500 million global leader in the print and promotional products distribution industry.

Why Start a Promotional Products Franchise?

Businesses in North America spend $300 billion per year on print and promotional products. Think of all the opportunities this encompasses in advertising, print, promotional marketing, and branded products. Every business imaginable has some need to make itself known and drive awareness for its brand, which means every business is a potential customer for your franchise. If you can identify the marketing needs of the businesses and professionals in your own network, Proforma can support you with its vast resources and reputable position in the industry from years of successful business.

Recession-Proof Business

Whether the economy is up or down, businesses always have a need for promotional products.

Sell Anywhere

Unlike other franchise concepts, you can sell anywhere with no restrictions on areas; the sky is the limit.

No Equipment or Inventory

No investment in equipment or inventory means freedom to grow and focus on accelerating cash flow.


Work part-time or full-time; it’s your business to grow.

Low Investment & High Profits

Becoming a Promotional Products Franchise Affiliate with Proforma only requires a $500 initial investment.

Set Up for Success

We help you start your business and provide mentorship from existing franchisees while you grow your business, and provide the right training, tools, and technology that help you realize the dream of creating your own legacy. As you learn from our experts and focus on steadily growing your sales, you will be gradually making your way toward an exciting franchise opportunity in the promotional products industry.

Promotional products is an industry you know

Learn more about our Franchise Affiliate Program and take the next step today of starting your own promotional products franchise.