Obligation v. Celebration 

When we are trying to improve our life, we need to add new tasks to achieve the new results we are seeking. 

For example: 

  • If we are trying to lose weight, we need to eat healthier foods. 
  • If we are trying to get fit, we need to exercise. 
  • If we are trying to grow our sales, we need to prospect more. 

The reason many people never achieve the improvements they seek is because of their mindset towards the tasks required to achieve new results. When we look at these tasks as an obligation, they can seem burdensome to do. 

However, if we see these tasks as a celebration, these tasks can become pleasurable. In fact, the more your mindset focuses on celebration of tasks, the more we could even look forward to these tasks. 

For example: 

  • If we want to eat healthier the best mindset is to celebrate that we are able to afford healthy foods and look forward to how we will feel when we eat better and lose weight. 
  • If we want to get fit the best mindset is to celebrate that we are healthy enough to exercise and look forward to feeling happier and more confident as we take better care of our body. 
  • If we want to grow our sales the best mindset is to celebrate that we have the time and skills to prospect and look forward to the interesting conversations and new connections that we will create. 

When we focus on celebrating tasks we will turn once disliked tasks to become more pleasurable and easier to do activities.