Are you caged, comfortable or charged?

I believe that if you understand what phase of life you are in… caged, comfortable or charged… you will have more control over your life, your business and your future. This understanding can help you identify the choices you need to make to start living the life of your dreams.

Brendan Burchard, #1 New York Times bestselling author and personal development trainer, has a very powerful message about breaking free from being caged, pushing past comfortable and living a charged life. His message has impacted my life and I encourage you to watch this video to start living the charged life now.

So many of us feel caged at some point in our lives. Often, we are held captive by fear, money, hard circumstances or our own misconceptions. We are trapped. We can sit and wait for our outside circumstances to change – or we can make a choice to change. Real change has to come from within. We are the only ones that can tear down the bars around us.

Once you are free from your cage, you’ll move into the comfortable phase. The comfortable phase of life may be the most dangerous. It’s easy to stay where you are when you are comfortable. It’s a good thing when you have enough money to get by and maybe even take a vacation or two, but if you want to live the life of your dreams, you have to strive for more. 

It’s when we find it inside ourselves to push beyond comfort, that we can start living the charged life. A charged life is passionate, energized, satisfying. We are fully engaged because we are challenging ourselves. It makes us feel truly alive. We get excited about tomorrow, our future and the outlook for our businesses because we are progressively getting better every day.

It is all about choices. Deciding that today we are going to push ourselves to the next level. Today we are going to choose to do the activities that will put us closer to achieving our dreams. Make the choice to start living a charged life today.