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We are the $500 million global franchise leader in the promotional products and printing distribution industry. We understand whether you’re seeking a full-time business venture of your own or a part-time opportunity, we offer you the freedom and flexibility you deserve. 


We Make Millionaires.

Every business needs to buy promotional products and printing. They continually run out and need to order more. Businesses in North America spend over $300 billion per year on our products and services.


Low Cost. High Profits.

In today’s world most products are sold by distributors representing manufacturers. With Proforma’s proven distribution model there’s no need for any big investments. You’re free to invest your time growing your sales and profits. 


Support You Deserve.

We understand that starting any new business has a learning curve. Our Franchise Affiliate Program is designed to ensure your success. We are committed to providing you with the training, relationships, technology, and support you need.


Your Network. Your Success.

Think about who you know and the companies within your network.  They all buy promotional products and printing, perhaps up to millions of dollars. Why shouldn’t you be their go-to company? Without territory limitations your growth potential is limitless.


Build Your Legacy.

Now is the time to create your legacy. Start your adventure. Find your freedom. Build more than a business. Build a legacy for your dreams, your family, and your future.  

Larger Industry. Larger Opportunity.

When you join Proforma, you’re part of one of the largest industries in North America. Businesses in North America spend over $300 billion per year on printing and promotional products. That’s more than all people in North America spend on all fast food per year.

Printing and Promotional Products are big business!

Support for Your Success

We know you want to create something of your own. We encourage your spirit of ingenuity and independence. Getting into business is exciting. There is a lot to learn with any new venture and with Proforma, you’re supported every step of the way.

On your own but not alone.

World-Class Technology

Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Fund

$500 Million Purchasing Power

Expert Training & Advice

Build Your Legacy

Why should you join the proforma family? One of the biggest challenges facing young entrepreneurs is knowing where to begin in their search for the business best suited for them. Let us introduce you to an industry where you may already have the connections to easily create a $1,000,000 business with the help of Proforma.


When you join Proforma, you’re part of one of the largest, multi-billion dollar industries in North America. With over $300 billion per year of revenue in North America promotional products and printing are big business!


Your customer base is limitless. Everyone uses printing and promotional products. Your clients come to you as a complete solutions provider, and when they run out of branded products, you’ll gain repeat business.


Our Franchise Affiliate Program is designed to ensure your success and minimize your risks. We are committed to providing you with the relationships, technology, and back-office support you need.

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We recognize our Franchise Owners who take their businesses to the top. So when we say, “We Make Millionaires®,” that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our Million and Multi-Million Dollar Club has nearly 300 Members with sales ranging from $1 million to over $40 million.


We understand there are different pathways to big dreams and we know what it takes to find success. Whether full-time or part time, Proforma offers you freedom and flexibility however you choose to make your transition to success.


Our people power our progress. When you join Proforma, you join a family. As part of The Proforma Family, Franchise Owners enjoy opportunities to have fun, network, and learn together.

"With the best support system, intuitive technology, socially conscious initiatives, and the most success stories in the industry, you can create your future at Proforma."

Greg Muzzillo

Founder, Proforma

We Empower Success.

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