Getting Started

Getting started with the Proforma Franchise Affiliate Program is easy. Complete the contact form to get the conversation started with our team.

Here’s what you can expect:


Learn More

Choosing how to build your legacy is a big decision. When you connect with us, you can expect a friendly and informative conversation – no sales pressure. We simply want to give you everything you need to consider this exclusive opportunity and ensure we are a mutually good fit.


Discover Proforma

Once we have connected, we’ll invite you to submit a Request for Consideration. Upon approval of the request, we’ll ask you to attend an exciting and informative two-part Discovery. First, we’ll arrange a virtual Discovery Day to acquaint you with our support system and programs. Then, if we’re a mutual fit, you’ll meet with a local Franchise Owner. These steps will offer you what you need to know if Proforma is your path forward.


Live Your Dream

Congratulations! You are pursuing your dream, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome you into the Proforma Family. You’ll be onboarded and participate in a training and mentorship program. You’ll find every bit of support you thought you needed and more. We’re dedicated to making a seamless transition for our new Proforma Franchise Affiliates.

What follows these informational and administrative steps is up to you. You will have the support and guidance of Proforma experts every step of the way. How you chart your course to franchise ownership is up to you through either a part-time or full-time commitment as you begin your journey and build your legacy. If you’re ready to live your dream, we’re here to put your feet on the path to the life you deserve.