What business can I start with low cost?

Q What Business Can I Start With Low Cost?


If you are looking to start a new business or explore an unfamiliar field, print and promotional products offer a lucrative and low-cost industry to enter. Many other industries rely on print and promotional goods to publicize their businesses, create awareness, and build brand loyalty, so there exists a broad and diverse base of potential customers. Additionally, the need for print and promotional goods is constant; every time a business needs to replenish its stock of promotional materials, you have an opportunity to attract new customers while reinforcing existing relationships. Between these two factors, the growth potential for your business is nearly unlimited.

You may think a print and promotional products franchise would be an expensive endeavor to pursue. However, that is not the case with our unique business model. We believe that everyone should be able to get a foot in the door just like our founder did when he started Proforma with a $200 investment. What makes Proforma’s business model low cost is that our Franchisees outsource the production of all promotional products and print, allowing them to focus on sales and marketing in their businesses. Additionally, Proforma Franchisees outsource the time-consuming requirements of technology, marketing, accounting, accounts payable, and collections to the Proforma Franchise Support Center. As part of our Franchise Affiliate Program, you will be able to leverage being part of a $500 million leader in the industry and our abundant resources to ease the cost of entry. Our opportunity has a low initial investment, you won’t have any inventory to carry, there is no heavy equipment to buy, and you have the option to work from home. You will even be able to do business across the country with no territorial limits. We believe we can maximize your effectiveness by minimizing your burden. Fill out our contact form if this low-cost enterprise sounds like the right opportunity for you.

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