Is selling promotional products a good business?

Q Is Selling Promotional Products a Good Business?


Selling promotional products is a great business. Promotional products have long been an effective means to raise brand awareness in a way that is immediately impactful and memorable. Nearly every industry utilizes promotional products and corporate apparel, giving you a large pool of potential customers to help you grow your promotional products business. Proforma offers a wide variety of promotional products and corporate items ranging from apparel, awards, home and outdoor goods, tech and office accessories, and more.

Between the massive market, constant demand, and an array of product options, the sale of promotional products is a business with numerous pathways for growth. People who receive promotional products take home a reminder of the brand and promote the brand through regular use of the product, eventually cycling back to the demand for more promotional products. By tapping into this market, Proforma has become a $500 million industry leader in the generation and sale of promotional products.

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