Is printing a profitable business?

Q Is Printing a Profitable Business?


Printing and promotional products are readily available and common so you may be tempted to take these items for granted. But if you were to further examine these marketing solutions, you would quickly realize that printing and promotional products are needed to support the day-to-day operations and marketing of most businesses and are a large portion of regular expenditures for many companies. In fact, businesses in North America spend over $300 billion per year on printing and promotional products. Businesses in every industry need to regularly spend money marketing and promoting themselves. Therefore, the constant demand provides the opportunity for increased sales and growth. As leaders in the printing and promotional products industry, Proforma can empower your success.

Consider any of the postcards, brochures, or other marketing materials that end up in your mailbox in a given week. Or booklets, handbooks, and catalogs that companies use to explain their offerings and services. What about signage that used at tradeshows, marketing and sales collateral that’s handed out at events, even a simple business card. These are the exact types of materials you would be inclined to underestimate. Somebody somewhere was responsible for providing these ideas and solutions to businesses to they can promote their brand. Being part of the Proforma Franchise Affiliate Program provides you access to top vendors who can produce these printed materials, while you focus on building relationships and selling these printing and promotional products solutions to customers. You can devote full-time or part-time to your selling efforts. The sky is the limit.

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