How do I become a promotional product distributor?

Q How Do I Become a Promotional Product Distributor?


Typically, a promotional product distributor’s responsibilities entail developing ideas for products, buying the items from a supplier, and selling them to customers. Proforma’s Franchise Affiliate Program is a great way to ease yourself into a career in promotional product distribution. Unlike other franchising opportunities, the Franchise Affiliate Program allows entrepreneurs who are curious about a new career in promotional products to test the waters with minimal investment, flexible hours, and coaching and mentorship provided by current Proforma franchisees.

Thanks to Proforma’s buying power, advanced technology platforms, and longevity in the industry, Franchise Affiliates can get started without expensive equipment, a storefront, inventory, a fixed schedule, or territorial restrictions. With the help of your Success Coach and Business Advisor, you can take your time learning the business while you gradually grow and expand your sales.

Once you attain sales of $1 million annually, you will have the opportunity to be awarded your own franchise. This approach to onboarding new distributors avoids the standardization and rigid structure usually experienced by individuals venturing into the world of distributorship, and we feel it makes for better, more successful partnerships in the long term. If this approach to promotional product distribution sounds like the right fit for you, we encourage you to fill out our contact form to learn more.

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