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Obligation v. Celebration

Obligation v. Celebration  When we are trying to improve our life, we need to add new tasks to achieve the new results we are seeking.  For example:  If we are
Camp fire on a beach
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The Rule of the Beach Fire

The Rule of the Beach Fire I love being at the beach. One of my favorite things is to have a great log fire at the beach. Here’s the first rule
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Can’t is a Four Letter Word

Most of us learned the “four letter” words we shouldn’t say when we were in school. We heard the words in school. We learned that we shouldn’t say those words

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Live the Charged Life

Are you caged, comfortable or charged? I believe that if you understand what phase of life you are in… caged, comfortable or charged… you will have more control over your

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Be a Bathroom Mirror Success

To many, it is just a bathroom mirror. However, for poker legend (15 World Series of Poker Bracelets Winner) Phil Hellmuth the bathroom mirror was his key to success. I